Why your Business Needs SolarTile

Enviromentally Friendly

SolarTile uses renewable energy and is environmentally friendly

Intergrates Easily

SolarTile can be integrated within your businesses existing roof.

Cost Saving

SolarTile will help reduce your businesses energy costs

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Welcome to the SolarTile® Revolution

The Coleshill SolarTile is a revolutionary new Solar Panel that is not only easy-to-fit, but will also integrate within both existing and new buildings with ease. Manufactured within the United Kingdom, our Solar Panel provides a renewable source of energy that will contribute towards reducing the costs of running your business or home.

Throughout our website you will be able to find more information on our product, including its complete features, technical details and an overall summary of the SolarTile.

Whether you are a business or local government authority, feel free to look through our website and learn more about the amazing SolarTile.